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The Makeup Bar Academy

- We Provide the lipstick and confidence, You Create the Magic - 

Calling all Makeup lovers!

Do You Dream Of Becoming A Professional Makeup Artist But Think It's Not Possible? Well Stop Dreaming Because We Are Here To Make It A Reality! 



Here at The Makeup Bar we've created an Academy that's designed for the next generation of Makeup Artists by bridging the gap between Instagram and reality.  We do this with our unique environment of live education and hands on teaching that drives results and allows for creativity, growth, and ambition.


What Is Included In Our Course  

- 6 Weeks in person, hands on training 

- Fully Loaded Professional Makeup Kit 

- Learn how to launch and create your own freelance business 

- A Handcrafted Beauty Bible for notes and reference

- Live Demos and Mentorship  

**Remaining Balance of $1,400 Due
by 1st Day of Class 


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Can't Commit to 6 Weeks?

Then Check Out Our Other educational options: 


- Life isn't perfect, but your makeup skills can be. -



Here at The Makeup Bar we understand if you can't commit to our full 6week academy.  Our 1 on 1 lessons are the perfect step to get your education started.  No matter where you're at in your professional journey we have a lesson just for you.

What Is Included In Our Lessons   

- 4 hours with a seasoned professional Makeup Artist  

- 1 on 1 hands on learning with a model 

- Mini business lesson 

- Learning materials to take home